When will I get my Box?

You can choose either Weekly or Fortnightly, and you can change that on your account at any time. Deliveries are on Fridays, usually between Midday and 7pm depending on traffic. You don't need to be in, we will leave it in a safe place. Collections are on Fridays or Saturdays depending on location

Can I Choose the Items In My Veg Box?

What is in a veg box varies and changes every week depending on what is in season and what Organic items are available locally. We change the items every week, meaning you get to be adventurous, and try things you wouldn't have otherwise usually chosen and you get to eat a seasonal, local, Organic diet. You can tell us about any veggies you don't like or are allergic to and we will substitute them. However, you are able to swap items if you opt to collect your veg box from Crickhowell Market on Saturdays. You may swap any item in your box for one of similar value from the stall, or you can have a more expensive one and pay the difference, it's up to you.

What if I have a dietary requirement

If you have an allergy or dietary requirement, do let us know when you sign up and we will never give you that item, and will find a suitable alternative. Unfortunately we cannot swap different items each week, or give you choice on the substitution. But we can accommodate items you never want to receive. Just add it when you set up your weekly order.

How Many Veg Items Will I get?

Each week it will vary slightly, but you can generally expect 6-7 items for Small and 8-9 items for Medium and Large. It may be more or less depending on their value. Asparagus, for example, is 4 times the value of swede, so this way you don't miss out. Large boxes tend to have larger quantities of some items, usually the staple items (potatoes, carrots, salad, tomatoes etc.) perfect for family meals.

Where do you deliver?

Abergavenny, Crickhowell, Talgarth, Brecon, and everywhere in between. If you're not sure if we deliver to you, send us a message with your postcode in via the 'contact us button above and we'll see what we can do.

Can I skip a week when I'm away?

Absolutely, just log into your account and select the dates you are away or not needing a box and we won't deliver or charge you

How should I store my vegetables?

The fridge is the best place, in the crisper drawer. We highly recommend that you put any greens (chard, asparagus, kale, etc.) into a plastic bag or tupperware to improve their shelf life. Even baby carrots and beetroot would prefer to be sealed, as fridges, although the best temperature, tend to dry out veggies that are not wrapped.

What Veggies should I expect?

When you sign up, you will get added to our mailing list, and we will send you an email every week, letting you know what's in your upcoming veg box, to help you plan your meals.

Are all the Vegetables Local and Organic?

All the vegetables in the veg box are certified Organic. 95% of the items are either from our farm or other local Organic farms. Sometimes we source UK Organic items when they aren't available locally, such as mushrooms, in order to give you some variety. We will list these with a (UK) next to them in the weekly email.

A helpful list of what to do with each packaging item:

Cardboard delivery boxes. Please return these, they are water resistant so can be left out on the morning of your delivery. We must reuse each box 6 times to make then the most envioronmental and economic option.

Elastic Bands we can reuse these, leave them in your box.

Clear salad bags clean and dry bags can be returned to us for recycling, or drop them off to your local supermarket or zero waste shop for stretchy plastic recycling.

Salad bags with green "degradable" writing some of the local Organic farms we work with use these. Currently the correct way to dispose of these is with your council general waste, they cannot be recycled.

Small brown paper bags recycle or compost at home.

Green nets these are home compostable snip off any metal staples and pop in your home compost bin (not council food waste, or garden waste).

Apple Juice bottles and Honey jars in your local council glass recycling, or drop them off to a local zero waste shop who accepts them.